*The Barristers Welcome the VHFCNBA to Tallahassee for its 3rd Quarterly Meeting

*The Barristers celebrates its 40-year legacy at a gathering at the Meek-Eaton Archives

*The Barristers announce its 2015 Scholarship Essay Contest

*Barrister Hon. Nikki Clark set to retire from First DCA…

*which is now accepting applications for the vacancy

*Member Spotlight-Attorney Mutaqee Akbar



What:VHFCNBA Quarterly Meeting

When: March 28, 2015, 9AM

Where:FSU College of Law R-107, First Floor (next to the Rotunda)

More Info:View the announcement here

What:Tallahassee Barristers Scholarship Luncheon

When: April 11, 2015

Where:Hotel Duval